It's not a shooting game like any other, this is Galactico. A Game that mixes the frenzy of Shoot 'em up and the skills of an RPG and exploration

Explore the galaxy in a spaceship, discover worlds, Trace the most convenient route before entering into Planet, gain experience and level up, use money to buy and upgrade weapons, earn unique weapons from bosses, combine elements that release enemies or extract from the planets surfaces to create unique things and much more.


year 2105, You are a chemist sent by a very influential corporation on earth, they place you in the vast galaxy, on the edge of the milky way to find new minerals that can be used to generate alternative energies, it happens that planets are found in a galaxy not far away where they overflow with all kinds of elements and minerals ...

They send probes to explore these planets, where there are inhospitable climates and areas full of creatures of all kinds that will not make it easy, there are also ancient structures in very curious ruins ...


World Crac

A planet with enemies easy to defeat, and to gain experience and key elements in the game, it is said that there is a hidden pyramid in this world with great treasures for those who find it ...

World Frostz

The probe sent here indicated that the enemies on this planet are resistant to cold, so the frozen bullets lose their effect, high-temperature bullets can do them a good damage :-)

World Sand

On this planet, unlike the previous one, the enemies are resistant to fire, it is advisable to use a good sunscreen for your ship, mixing Silver, Tungsten and Rubidium, you can have a heat-resistant ship

Weapons Laboratory

Here you can create wonders, from new ammunition, to protections for the ship, there are infinite combinations with the elements taken from the destroyed enemies, mix elements and obtain unique things

Base Command

Here you can change the ship, update weapons inventory, apply camouflage or protections to your ship and not least save and load the games :-)


they are roads, called bridges of Einstein-Rosen or wormholes, they connect two different points in space-time, you can travel to another universe if you possess the level of power required in your ship for it ;-)


Mysterious planet, where it is said that some creatures meet in races of ships, maybe it's a good idea to earn some money there ...

       Combining Elements


       construction definition

       PERFORATING BULLETS        penetrating fire even for the strongest shields
      FROZEN BULLETS       freezing bullets, perfect for cold enemies
      MAGNETIC MISSILES       activate the capacity of directed tele missiles
      PROTECTION I       prevents loss of life on frozen planets
      TURBO I       enable propulsion in outer space
      PROTECTION II       prevents loss of life on hot planets
      EXPANSIVES BOMBS I       bomb with double size and longer life
      PROTECTION III       lets bounce some attacks from the final bosses
      PROTECTION IV       prevents loss of life on planets with lightning
      REPAIR SHIELD I       shield regeneration +1 (it is temporary lost on leaving the planet)
      REPAIR SHIELD II not available in this version (shield regeneration +3 )
      REPAIR SHIELD III not available in this version (shield regeneration +5)
      ENRICHED BULLETS not available in this version (increases the power of the specials)
      PROTECTION V       allows to survive the use of special extinction power
      ELECTRIC BULLETS       High-voltage bullets perfect for enemies due to electricity
      POWER REACTOR       prevents the slowness of the ship in extreme climates
      MAGNETIZER I       attracts the elements that are in the air (low field of action)
      ATMOSPHERE BREAKER I       allows to enter cold planets
      ATMOSPHERE BREAKER II       allows to enter hot planets
      ANTI-ELEMENTARY       allows anti-attacks of ice, fire and lightning (it is temporary lost on leaving the planet)
      TURBO II       slightly increase the amount of total turbo time to 1/3
      NIGHT VISION       allows to create a field of brightness on planets where light does not enter
      HARMFUL EMISSION I       attack enemies and objects near your ship
      SLOW DOWN WORLD       2 seconds increase the power of the planets brake (you must have the relic of planets stops)
      CRITICAL DAMAGE I       Increase total critical damage by 2x
      EXPANSIVES BOMBS II       pump that explodes at the end of its life cycle (requires pump exp. I)
      MAGNETIZER II       attracts the elements that are in the air, you must first have the MAGNETIZER I (high field of action)
      HARMFUL EMISSION II       attack enemies and objects even farther from your ship (it is temporary lost on leaving the planet)
      PROTECTION VI prevents loss of life on planets with thunderstorms
      GOLDEN RELIC I not available in this version (ability to add +1 money every so often)
      POWER SPECIALS I       not available in this version (increases the power of the specials)


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